Requirements to Results

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  1. Simplify Requirements,
  2. Less time writing test automation,
  3. Execute tests automatically upon every source change,
  4. and Report test results back into the requirements; where results belong!

Creating the Button

In Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon series “The Jetsons”, George would go to work at Spacely Space Sprockets. He would sit in front of a computer and there would be a button in front of him; kind of like the “Easy Button”. He would press the button and the whole factory would start working. I make the button! More importantly, I enjoy teaching others to create the button too!


I am passionate about finding and leveraging new technology that enables real world improvements for getting to quality software productivity.


Avoid Traps when Getting Started with Docker on Windows

Illustration by Kristopher Navarro. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. So you want to get started with Docker on Windows.  Like all your investigations, you search the web for Docker Windows.  This is where you can become misled.  This article uncovers the costly pitfalls when following what seems to be the ‘easy’ path to using Docker …

Hello, Software Quality World!

Hello, Software Quality World! What does it take to get to quality software?  Answering that question is what I have been focused on for most of my career.  Through these articles, I will share my experiences, challenges, tools, solutions, and benefits.  Feel free to tell us about your experiences as well.


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