Requirements to Results

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  1. Simplify Requirements,
  2. Less time writing test automation,
  3. Execute tests automatically upon every source change,
  4. and Report test results back into the requirements; where results belong!

Creating the Button

In Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon series “The Jetsons”, George would go to work at Spacely Space Sprockets. He would sit in front of a computer and there would be a button in front of him; kind of like the “Easy Button”. He would press the button and the whole factory would start working. I make the button! More importantly, I enjoy teaching others to create the button too!


I am passionate about finding and leveraging new technology that enables real world productivity improvements for getting to quality software.


Behavior Driven Testing

Developing software in most companies starts with a Product Owner who is responsible for identifying and communicating requirements to the Development team (including QA).  The process flow usually goes something like this: A Product Owner (or Product Team) -> Collects and writes Requirements in a prose format -> Someone interprets and rewrites tasks for Development …

Hello Software Quality World!

What does it take to get to quality software?  Answering that question is what I have been focused on for most of my career.  Through these articles I will share my experiences, challenges, tools, solutions, and benefits.


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